Causes of Computer Vision Syndrome :There are various components that determine the amount of strain your body feels as you work on a PC or other advanced gadgets, incorporating distance from the screen, lightening in the room, seating posture, glare on the screen and angle of your head. One or these may consolidate to bring about an uncomfortable amount of strain on your eyes. Some other includes :

  • Uncorrected vision conditions
  • Inadequate focusing power of the eye
  • Inadequate power to converge the eyes at same object
  • Poor computer design
  • Wrong workplace ergonomics
  • Continous and long hours of computer use
  • Infrequent blinking
  • Inadequacies of eye co-ordination and focusing


Viewing a computer screen is hard on the eyes because the letters on a computer screen are not as precise or sharp and the glare from the screen makes it more difficult. Also the contrast of the letters to the background is less. The video display is made up of pixels or tiny dots, rather than solid lines on a printed page. The eyes have to continuously focus & refocus to get a sharp image and this leads to tiring of the eye muscles.